I believe that yoga should be enjoyable rather than a chore. My classes are based around releasing stress and tension through relaxation and breath work. I work on strengthening and calming both the body and mind whilst improving your own flexibility and toning your body. I allow my students to let go and connect with their breath and themselves. I like to create a space whereby everyone can find their own place to be peaceful, calm, quiet and free.

“Ali is a wonderful teacher and advocate. She tailors her classes, emphasising practices and stretches that target areas where participants are feeling pain or discomfort and integrating practices that help prepare for labour, childbirth, and motherhood. As a result, her classes are always a little bit different, keeping you fresh and on your toes. I always left her classes feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and with a spring in my step, even in my 41st week! She also makes an effort to get to know the people in her classes and to build a sense of community among the participants so that we can support and nurture each other along the journey to becoming mothers.”
Melora Simon, triyoga Primrose Hill

“It was a long labour and I was really pleased to be able to pull on my yoga to breathe, stay active and stay calm. Thanks so much for that - your classes were key. They always provided such a warm, inviting and supportive atmosphere too.”
Amy Norrish, triyoga Primrose Hill

"Alison found a perfect balance in her yoga teaching; it is smooth and dynamic, relaxing and energising. The attention she gives to her students, the flow and diversity of poses she practises and above all her passion for yoga makes her class one of the best and most motivating I've ever had. From beginners to confirmed students, Alison always make her yoga class an enjoyable and pleasant moment.”
Fred Place, Neal’s Yard

“Monday lunchtime yoga was always enjoyable and fun with Ali. Even though it was in the middle of a working day, I always left the class feeling calm and centred, well ‘stretched’ and ready to cope with the busy working week.

I have arthritis in my knees which makes some of the yoga postures rather difficult. Ali always helped me find alternatives so that I could still gain as much benefit as possible from the postures. As the muscles around my knees have strengthened, the pain has eased considerably.”
Wendy Nicholls, Neal’s Yard